About FEUERWERK – high-quality workmanship and the best materials

Behind the brand FEUERWERK are we, the team of VARIATA – a small manufactory based in Muehlacker, Germany. We have been professionals in model making, mould making and surface finishing since 1968.

As an official Zippo GmbH cooperation partner, we can apply your logo, badge or 3D design to an original Zippo brand storm lighter for you

We source all lighters directly and exclusively from Zippo. All designs are coordinated with Zippo and you always get an original Zippo emblem lighter with the signet of the brand FEUERWERK.

All work in our company is done by hand and with great attention to detail – including the design and manufacture of our three-dimensional metal emblems.


Variata Logo


Most of the FEUERWERK Zippo lighters have matching key organizers in our SCHLÜSSELWERK Shop.


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